Maybe I’m from another planet. I was taught that when you receive a gift, you say thank you. It’s polite and respectful.

I give my book, No More Cold Calling, The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust, to many people–when I speak about referrals, attend sales networking events, or to colleagues in my business groups. I rarely receive a thank you.

What message does that send? To me it means that salespeople don’t follow through. I think twice about giving them a referral, because if a salesperson doesn’t follow through with me, how will they treat my clients?

Susan Roane has a wonderful post about thank you notes on her blog. Check it out. I am not alone in my deep-seated appreciation and value of the “thank you.”

“To paraphrase a professor I know, “If you have the time to eat the meal that I cooked and/or paid for, you have the five minutes to let me know you valued my efforts.” Hear, hear!

I don’t need a hand-written note. (Although, that would be nice.) I appreciate a phone call. It’s personal, and it means a lot.

Thank you.