How you engage your customers (and team) directly impacts your business-plan implementation. Say it wrong, kiss the deal goodbye.

 Do feelings really matter in sales? It sounds a little touchy-feely to me. Dan is the most edgy guy I know. There’s a saying in sales that people buy with emotion and justify with fact.

Let Dan show you how:

It is pretty common knowledge that people interpret what you say paying little attention to the actual words that you use.

And while all the scientists don’t agree on how much impact feelings have on interpreting a conversation, they all agree that what you say is significantly less important than how you say it.

The words themselves just aren’t that important.

What is important is how people feel when they hear the words.

This mirrors a lot of what we currently know about how the brain works. You might think your brain is unbiased in how it selects, stores, categorizes, and retrieves memories, but quite the opposite is true.

Your brain actively stores and more quickly retrieves memories that match how you feel about a specific instance. Nobody is lying. It’s how the brain plays tricks on you– hiding memories that don’t match your feelings about the experience.

For example, getting engaged is a powerful memory that most couples never forget.

It’s a feeling that last a life time.

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