blowupEven though most salespeople haven’t met quota in years, sales managers have greater expectations than ever. Here’s how to generate more leads and blow your numbers out of the water.

Only 63 percent of sales reps met quota in 2012, according to the 19th annual CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization study, the same number as the previous year.

Salespeople really have their work cut out for them this year. The survey, which gleaned data from more than 1,200 firms worldwide, shows that revenue targets are 16.4 percent higher than last year, with plans for 12.2-percent growth in sales organizations—even while the number of people who actually meet their sales quotas has remained flat.

Almost half (48.9 %) of respondents said that enhancing lead generation is their top initiative. The report states: “When there is a sufficient quantity of leads, sales can find enough opportunities to reach the targeted goal. However, a flood of poorly targeted/qualified leads means more chaff to sort through to get to the real opportunities.”

So how do you ensure that your sales pipeline is full of the quality leads that will help you make your numbers this year? By tapping into the power of your referral network.

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Are you on track to meet your quota this year? If so, what’s your most effective lead-generation strategy? And how have referrals helped you generate more qualified leads?