You’d be surprised how a small thing, like a birthday card, can make a difference in a business relationship.

I love Southwest Airlines. I actually believe that this big airline cares about me. I recently had a birthday (no tears, I’m glad about it!).

Life is high touch. Southwest understands this. (I appreciate a hand-written card. I believe in the thank you note. I believe “The Fortune Is in the Follow-Up”.

Every year I receive a birthday card from Southwest Airlines. It includes a note of appreciation and signatures from a whole bunch of people. OK, I know these aren’t actual signatures, they’re copies, but it’s so personal feeling. I love the photo on the front of the card—big Happy Birthday letters and balloons—placed just as the tide is coming in at the beach.  

The Personal Touch Makes a Difference

I don’t know if Southwest knows that I love the beach, but the card is happy—the company remembered and thanked me for being part of the Rapid Rewards® family. We can all get more personal.

How Do You Stay Connected?

How are you including your clients, prospects, and colleagues in your family? How are you staying connected? (Remember, saying thank you is a key part of staying connected.)