It’s the quality of your leads, not the massive number of leads, that make the positive difference in your business development.

What a great headline, and it isn’t mine. It pulled me in. I had to find out if referral generation was integral to fewer, yet heartier leads. It wasn’t, but this excerpt is still worth sharing.

The post was written by Alison Savery for Hubspot. (By the way, if you don’t already subscribe to Hubspot blogs, it’s time.)

The Quality of Your Sales Leads Matters

An excerpt: “Fear not! All you need to do is start focusing on the quality of your leads. The types of leads you feed to your sales team is a powerful yet overlooked lever that can help marketers deliver. Think about it: if you can increase the percentage of leads that convert into customers, then you don’t need to generate as many leads to hit your company’s sales goals, right? The key to increasing the percentage of conversions is by feeding your sales team higher quality, more nutritious “wheat bread” leads, rather than low-quality, less nourishing “white bread” leads.” (Read the full Hubspot blog post here.)

My sentiments exactly, but with a different slant. In Chapter seven of my book, “No More Cold Calling™”, I write about the importance of generating only qualified leads. How? Describe exactly the sales prospect you want to meet. Be specific. Be granular. Be like an artist. The more color and lines you include in your picture, the easier it becomes for your Referral Source to introduce you to your Ideal Client.

For more on your Ideal Client, read, “You Get What You Ask For—So Ask!” When it comes to referrals, the more specific you are, the more successful you’ll be.

Quality counts. Without quality leads, you waste your selling time.

Fewer (Qualified) Leads Means More (Not Less) Business

I conclude the chapter: “You’ll find people will no longer be confused about the best leads for you. You will elicit some remarkable suggestions about people you should meet. Your biggest challenge will be following up on all your great leads. You’ll be talking to exactly the people you want to meet and who want to meet you, and you will begin to see that you can actually have fewer leads and get more business.” 

How terrific is that?

What’s Your Best Lead Story?

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