deleteNo one wants to get your spam email and cold calls.

How many spam emails and cold calls do you receive every day? My total is more than 40.

Reps engage in this mindless activity because it doesn’t require much thought or effort, and they hope someone will actually respond. But we all sit on the delete button while sorting through our never-ending Inboxes, and we make those cold emails disappear with the tap of a finger.

Wake up, salespeople. With this strategy, you’re missing out on the opportunity to talk to your prospects and clients, and to engage them in value discussions. You’re giving them information about your company and your prices, but prospects don’t care about any of that stuff until they know what’s in it for them.

In many cases, it’s not the sales reps’ fault. They’re told to spend their days sending spam emails and making cold calls. They’re measured on these activities and not on meaningful conversations. They don’t know how to talk to people, because when they’re hired, someone assigns them a desk, a phone, and a password and then tells them to get to work.

That’s why I asked Art Sobczak to share his blog “What Technology Can Never Replace.” Here’s a quick snippet:

Unfortunately, I don’t see as much urgency with sales people and managers to emphasize the human interpersonal communication skills required for live sales conversations … [Y]ou’ve seen it, too … sales reps who place call after call, leaving the same uninspired devoid-of-value message, then complaining that “people are too tough to reach.”

And then there are reps who spend hours on email for the same reason. When they do, by chance, get someone on the phone, they wing something that is about their products and not the buyer.

They quickly default into price quote conversations, placing them in the commodity category, the same as every other vendor.

Read the rest of this article for more on how salespeople waste good leads.

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How much time do you spend cold calling or sending cold emails? How has that worked out for you?