Toy_balls_with_different_ColorsAre you moving too fast to keep up?

To go fast, we must slow down. That’s a wise saying. In our world of constant change and complexity, we feel compelled to speed up in order to keep up—with the latest technology, the latest thinking, or the latest news. And, of course, with our competition.

Stop and Smell the Present

Here’s the problem: We’re trying to catch up with things that are in the past. So the faster you run, the further behind you get.

By trying to miss nothing, we actually miss the important things (in life and at work). When we’re so busy being busy, we miss out on the present. And we have no mental space to think about the future, let alone create it.

Break Free from Busy-ness

That’s why I resonated with Daniel Burrus’ article, “We’re All Too Busy … Missing Amazing Opportunities.”

As he puts it:

If you don’t do something about your busy-ness and take time to anticipate and see the opportunities all around you, you’ll never break free. You’ll simply be busier tomorrow.

Read the rest of the article for his tips on how to stop being busy and start being strategic.

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What are your best strategies for reducing busy-ness?

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