nospamGet over it. They don’t want to talk to you.

How many unsolicited emails do you get each day? Today I received 25 … before 10:00 a.m. Guess how many I opened? Not a single one.

I’m not interested in student loan assistance, Russian beauties, light therapy for depression, surveys, blood pressure solutions, cat food coupons, or getting a college degree.

I also delete plenty of emails about inside sales campaigns and offers for lists of leads. While such offers would be far more relevant to me than ads for “singles,” I happen to know that cold calling doesn’t work. And neither does spamming people whose names and contact information you bought.

DON’T Be Part of the Problem

I recently checked my database and identified anyone who hasn’t opened an email from me in more than six months. I’m sending them all two more emails, asking them to confirm whether they still want to receive my newsletter. If they don’t, I’m taking them off the list.

Inbox clutter is the bane of most professionals’ work lives, and I don’t want to add to it.

I only want to communicate with sales leaders and salespeople who value my content and who want to hear from me. The same goes for interactions with prospects.

DO Be a Welcome Call

That’s why selling by referral is so effective. When you have referral introductions to your prospects, they expect to hear from you. And they actually want to talk to you. Someone they know and trust has vouched for you. Your email is no longer spam, and your call is no longer cold. You’ve got a red-hot lead on your hands.

From this point, it’s your skills as a salesperson that will help you close the deal.

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